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        There is nothing like a good shutdown to remind America that Washington still exists. But the latest one, which started at midnight on Friday, comes with a special flavour - it coincides with the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration.
        除政府停摆外,再也没有其他事能更好地提醒美国,华盛顿仍然存在。但是,最近一次政府停摆(从上周五午夜开始)还有另一层特别意味——那一刻正值唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)就职一周年。
        Unlike previous shutdowns, including a 16-day one during Barack Obama’s presidency, the latest has been actively willed by the president. Mr Trump tweeted last year that Washington needed “a good shutdown” to clear the air. At several points, Mr Trump and Democratic legislators have struck a deal to keep government open only for Mr Trump to renege shortly afterwards. Now, having allowed federal departments to shutter, Mr Trump is goading Democrats to keep it that way. “Democrats are holding our Military (sic) hostage over their desire to have unchecked illegal immigration,” he tweeted on Saturday.
        与之前的政府停摆(包括巴拉克•奥巴马(Barack Obama)在任期间长达16天的停摆)不同,最新一轮政府停摆是特朗普希望看到的。去年特朗普曾在Twitter上发文称华盛顿需要“一次好的停摆”来整肃风气。有几次,特朗普和民主党议员敲定协议让政府继续运转,只是为了让特朗普在事后不久食言。如今,在放任联邦部门关闭后,特朗普正不断刺激民主党继续这么解决。“民主党为了让非法移民不受控制而把我们的军队(Military,原文如此)作为人质,”他上周六发文称。
        Mr Trump’s line included three contentious points. First, most of the US military is exempt from the shutdown. Second, the Democrats want to protect the 800,000 “Dreamers” - children of illegal immigrants - from deportation rather than open the floodgates to new arrivals. Mr Trump himself has insisted that “we should take care” of the Dreamers. More than once he has said: “I love these kids”. Third, Republicans control both houses of Congress and the White House. Although they fall short of the 60-seat Senate threshold required to pass spending bills, this is America’s first shutdown when one party has controlled all branches of government.
        Yet Mr Trump is betting that the public’s anti-immigration feeling will outweigh its disgust with Washington’s latest shenanigan. The key turning point probably came last week where Mr Trump described Africa and Caribbean countries as “shitholes” - or “shithouses”, according to Republicans in the meeting - which poisoned chances of striking a deal. The two parties are now at an impasse. Mr Trump will only agree to protect the Dreamers if Democrats sign on to fund a border wall with Mexico - the president’s signature campaign promise. Democrats will only vote to keep the government opening if Mr Trump protects the Dreamers, which was one of Mr Obama’s big goals.
        Which party will lose the political game? Large majorities of Americans support giving the Dreamers legal status. But if the game of chicken keeps Washington closed beyond a few days, public sentiment could turn. National parks could close. Salaries will go unpaid. Some government benefits will stop. Mr Trump will brand Democrats as caring more about illegal immigrants than ordinary Americans. Indeed, he is already doing so.
        Even if DC re-opens on Monday, there are two aspects of the weekend’s chaos that are likely to endure. First, Mr Trump vowed he would be a dealmaker - that was his main selling point. Yet he has a habit of wriggling out of any oral deal he has struck. Last week, John Kelly, his chief of staff, told lawmakers that Mr Trump did not literally want a physical wall covering the entire 2,000 mile US-Mexico border. Mr Trump contradicted him on Twitter as “uninformed”.
        即使政府在周一重新开门,造成周末大混乱的两个方面也可能延续。第一,特朗普发誓他会是一名交易撮合者——这是他的主要卖点。不过他还有推脱口头协议的习惯。上上周,他的幕僚长约翰•凯利(John Kelly)向国会议员表示,特朗普并不是真的想要建一堵覆盖全长2000英里的美墨边境的实体墙。特朗普在Twitter上反驳他“不了解情况”。
        In addition to being unable to uphold a deal with Democrats, Mr Trump disagrees with crucial White House officials. The president’s own people are in a state of rolling confusion about what he wants.
        Second, Mr Trump’s antipathy to most forms of immigration outweighs any sentimental attachment to “these kids”. Though logic suggests it would make sense to agree on a special carve-out for Dreamers, Mr Trump so far just cannot bring himself to do it.
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